Spiritual is not Religion. Being spiritual is about living in harmony with that part of self that is connected to the Divine. There is nothing magical or special that one must do to become spiritual. The only requirement is a willingness and desire and faith to connect to your divine self. Once you are able to connect to your higher self, your approach towards the issues of life and towards others changes. With this change, your pain takes a new meaning and life gains a new enthusiasm for a more meaningful growth. Counseling simply described, counseling is a process, where one person (the counselor) helps another person (the counselee) to work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioral, relationship problems or difficulty. There have always been counselors – people who listen to others and help resolve difficulties. However, we need someone who would listen without judgment or prejudice, someone who would understand and support unconditionally, someone who would approach the problem objectively, someone who would gently guide us towards understanding and decision making without being moralistic and be with us so that we develop confidence in self and look forward to the challenges of life.

Spiritual Counseling is an innovative and holistic approach to therapy, which addresses dimensions and levels of a person that are not acknowledged by conventional therapy. While conventional therapy recognizes the body, mind and emotions, therapy from a spiritual perspective, works with the mind, body and soul. In its uniqueness, spiritual counseling recognizes the call for individual awakening at this critical time of quickening planetary consciousness. Many people are receiving this call through experiencing intense challenges all of kinds in their lives. We support clients to experience and embrace their challenges as a calling for purification, deepening awareness and consciousness expansion.

A spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness from body identification (I am only this body, I’m finite, I’m separate from everything else) to spirit consciousness (we’re all sourced from the same energy, I am more than this body, we are all One). Right now, there’s a huge movement toward awakening. A lot of people are moving from identifying solely with their body to experiencing themselves as something much greater. As Spirit. As Source. As energy. As the infinite nature that we all are. When we start to wake up, we naturally develop a strong desire to know ourselves in a deep, intimate way. That’s what consciousness is—a desire to know all of oneself. Alongside this desire to know ourselves, a matching desire to create unbelievably deep,intimate relationships with others emerges as well. How come?

Because we are all one.

We want to feel and experience a deep, spiritual union—in ourselves and with all of life. One of the main expressions of this union is romantic relationship

As you know, relationships provoke our energy, wounds, and love more than anything else. The good, the bad, the ugly—and let’s not forget the beautiful, exquisite, and mind-blowing, too.

Because relationships are so provocative, they’re the perfect experience for us to awaken in. By bringing awareness to the parts of you that emerge in relationships, you become more conscious. And that’s what you’re here to do.

Like many healers before they accept their calling, our past is littered with girls and boys-with-broken wings…  individuals so messy and in need that we not only got to feel altruistic and strong, but to avoid owning our own brokenness.  “Loving” them was so easy because we could lose ourselves in them.  There was never any chance that they were going to ask us to look at our own issues; they were never going to ask us to lower the walls we’d built to protect ourselves and be truly open and available.

Being with someone who has done and is doing their own work demands that we step into our truth and integrity… that we move beyond the stuck and hurt places that have become our hidey-holes and armor against the world and into the undefended space of true vulnerability and shining authenticity… To love is to be vulnerable.

Spiritual Guided Romance Counseling is here to listen to people and to support them in any way necessary.

As tarot card readers, we assume the role of spiritual counselors helping you to understand the role you play in you and your partner’s love life.

Part of our calling as a healer is to caretaker other caretakers.  I know when the person whom everyone leans on leans on us, allows us to hold them, to ease their pain, to offer them comfort, to support them through transitions, that we have been both honored and graced.  Honored because their willingness to let us help signals their trust in our abilities and hour capacity to hold them, and graced because that level of faith is both humbling and sacred.