When you find yourself in a place that feels “stuck” it is helpful to have some one to guide and edify you and encourage the progress you have made. We approach each session with practicality, intuition, and sensitivity to meet you where you are and help you become the person you wish to be.
Couples counseling, and individual counseling sessions are collaborative endeavors which will create a safe space for you to find the courage to unpack your spiritual and relationship baggage and gently and honestly examine the contents to know what is no longer needed for your life’s journey. Often what we really need is to deeply grieve and do the work of forgiving ourselves and others for disappointments, behaviors, and trauma that have led to us cutting off parts of ourselves to fit in a box made by someone else. We here to hold the thread while you reattach those parts and love them back into your embodied wholeness.
Spiritual counseling sessions, for individuals or couples, are based on the unique needs of each person and the goals you have. I don’t do formulas or one-size-fits-all templates for anyone.

• Sexual Addictions

• Self worth

• Positive self-images

• Recognizing sociopaths and narcissism

• Other coming your own social

• Recognizing Romantic Blokes

• Calling in your romantic soul mates

• Self Love

• Been able to disguise sexual preferences

• Other coming stigmas routed in childhood effecting romance

• Sexual dysfunction

• Running from relationship to relationship looking for someone else to fill all our needs

• Reigniting sexual desire

• Turning to addiction to mask our pain